Controlling Diabetics with Exercise


Controlling Diabetics with Exercise

Besides keeping your body fit exercise helps you relax your mind. It reduces the risk of chronic disease while decreasing anxiety and depression. Even if you exercise for just 15 minutes a day, you will be able to see improvement in your life. If you have diabetes and are struggling to maintain your blood sugar level, we at Personality Ikon, considered the best fitness center in Kanpur have come up with a few exercises that will help level it. But first, let us have an insight into diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease wherein the sugar level of the body increases due to the low insulin produced by the body.

Exercises that will help:


Each day you must go for a walk, and the duration should be for about forty minutes to one hour. Skip on alternate days so that you don’t feel exhausted. Those who keep walking regularly, have shown subsequent improvement in controlling the level of blood sugar. Since you can walk almost everywhere, it is easy to perform.


Yoga is a traditional exercise which originated in India. It is the practicing of different postures known as asanas. While Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for reducing mental stress and increasing flexibility it helps patients with diabetes to control the levels of blood sugar.


Swimming helps you stretch without putting much pressure on your joints. It controls the cholesterol level and lowers stress as well, which proves to be beneficial for people with diabetes. You can also keep yourself busy with gardening, cycling, and stretching.

Benefits of Exercising:

• Helps you burn body fat.

• It lowers blood pressure.

• Exercise improves blood flow.

• Helps your body to strengthen the bones and muscles.

• It helps the body use insulin.

As the top fitness center in Kanpur, Personality Ikon takes care of all your needs and helps you attain a happy and healthy life.

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