Things to Consider While Looking for a Personal Trainer


Things to Consider While Looking for a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is hired specifically for one reason, you’ll have someone stuck on your back encouraging you to do more! While you think that hiring a trainer is a piece of cake, IT ISN’T. You should think of all the things you need in a trainer, who can help you reach your goal.  At Personality Ikon, the best beauty salon in Kanpur, we give you an opportunity to redeem yourself with the best services.

Below are the 6 things that you should consider while looking for a personal trainer:

Valid Certification

If your trainer is able to show you his area of expertise with a valid certification, keep him. You don’t need somebody who is just muscles and no brain and doesn’t know how to deal with your requirements.


Working with somebody who has a great hold of all the techniques is a must. You don’t want someone to experiment on you, therefore, go for a trainer who has an experience of at least 5 years.

Comfort Factor

You need somebody who makes you feel comfortable. You probably don’t need someone screaming in your face. Find a trainer who is able to encourage you in the most subtle way and whose style matches your personality.


Make sure you schedule your appointments based on your as well as the trainer’s availability. If your schedule clashes consider making some amendments.


The person who is about to train you should consider you as a learner and help you through the initial phase. If he shows signs of agitation when you are not doing something, tell him that it will take some time for you to learn. Patience is the key.


Getting yourself a personal trainer can cost you a lot. You need a service that won’t be too hard on your pocket, therefore choose a trainer according to your budget.

It is not about what a trainer looks like, rather what skills he has that are going to help you attain your goals. Therefore do not go for somebody with a huge body, focus on his capability. Considered as the top salon in Kanpur, Personality Ikon makes sure to provide you with the most effective solutions.

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