The Everyday Makeup Look


The Everyday Makeup Look

We all love makeup, it is just that makeup does not love us. We all have put on the wrong color foundation sometimes or used excessive makeup products. This can lead to a makeup disaster really quick but with the right knowledge of applying make- up you can master every day make- up look.

Personality Ikon, listed as the best salon in Kanpur, provides you the techniques on how to do natural make- up:

Cleanse your Skin

To remove any dirt or oil from your complexion, start by cleansing your face. Running a cotton pad soaked with a rinse-free, water will wipe away impurities without causing redness or irritation.

Moisturize your Skin

The most natural way to moisturize your face is with tinted lotion. It also contains sun protection. To warm up your complexion you can even go slightly deeper.

Use Powder

Opt for an oil-absorbing powder if your skin gets shiny. Use a brush and a circular motion; this will leave an undetectable veil of a cover-up. This will prevent your face from getting a powdery look.

Subtle Color for Lips

To get a pretty look which lasts long pick a shade that matches your lips exactly and presses the color on the lips from your fingers rather than applying it directly from the tube.

Emphasize Lashes

Even for a no-makeup look, defined lashes are essential. Never apply mascara wrongly. Use a flat eyeliner brush to grab a bit of mascara from the wand and apply to just the roots of the bottom lashes. “Coating the lashes entirely creates a spidery effect”.

We at Personality Ikon, counted among the top salon in Kanpur, suggest you use these tips and have a glowing face every day with a natural look.

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