Be a Whimsical Bride


Be a Whimsical Bride

Wedding Season is on and a winter wedding is all about heavy jewelry and outfits. Most of the bride get confused with their outfits and makeup look. All the screenshots and Pinterest board you’ve been investing your precious time on will finally fall into place! Being a bride is something that every girl has always dreamt of! We at Personality Ikon, understand this fact and want you to look the best on your D-Day. There’s a lot of stress and tension involved while getting married, and we want to make sure not even a speck of that is visible on your D-Day. All the eyes are going on to be on you, which means having your makeup on point.

Personality Ikon being the best salon in Kanpur provides a variety of services that will help your skin to look fresh, healthy and glowing. We understand your skin type and provide a service that suits your skin type and completely rejuvenates your skin. All sorts of makeup that compliments your ensemble in general, styling, facials to rejuvenate your skin to draping outfit all are taken care of here. All the pre-bridal services are exclusive, as per your skin type, because we understand each one of us is unique.

There will not only be magic on the final day, but work is also required from the bride’s end. Certain tips and tricks such as applying a good amount of moisturizer as per your skin type, eating healthy food and a good amount of sleep will also do wonders for your skin!

Personality Ikon is the Top beauty salon in Kanpur and a renowned brand that has expanded and grown bigger with time. They have a team of the best makeup artist who all are efficient and highly experienced. They put all their efforts to satisfy their customers. It is the perfect place to look perfect.

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