The Indestructible Bond – Friendship


The Indestructible Bond – Friendship

From school to bunking college just to watch a movie or going out for a long drive when you’re in no mood to study, or going to the spa together, getting manicures done is called friendship. Your best friend who understands you only know the little things that make you happy.  A friend is the first person you want to call over when you have to break a news or gossip for hours with.

The bond of friendship has been known since civilization. Every person needs someone to share his or her grief and happiness with. The need for socializing is very crucial. Socializing helps people to mold their actions and behavior in different situations. Socializing helps humans to learn their culture and society. Friends who always have something new to share and learn from are the most important; they update you about new things and level up your game in society. Friends are each other’s support system. When you can’t turn up to your parents your friends help you out. A friend in need is a friend indeed.  It’s great to have friends who have been there for you since childhood and recall memories and the experiences you have shared these past years for the person you are. Everyone deserves that one friend to share a bond with, that’s what makes friendship day matter even more. Every country has a different date, but its celebrated by each and everyone.

People do different things to make this day very special for their “partner in crime”. This is your chance to pamper your girlfriend(s) at the salon and spend time over coffee and gossip about every possible thing. Time is crucial so spend it with someone who matters! The best salon in Kanpur has just the right thing for you and your best friend.

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