4 Must-Have Beauty Tools for Every Makeup Bag!


4 Must-Have Beauty Tools for Every Makeup Bag!

Whether you have a new found love for makeup or you are seasoned makeup hoarder, you must know the basic set of tools that you should be having at any point in time. Having the best set of tools to your side is the first step to looking your best for every occasion.

Personality Ikon, being a top salon in Kanpur, brings to you a list of 4 must-have beauty tools that should be there in your makeup bag.

Beauty Sponge

Beauty sponge is a tool that has completely revolutionized the way you apply foundation and other contours on your face. The soft, latex free and egg-shaped sponge makes it all incredibly easy for you, while evenly spreading the substances over the skin in a seamless and speedy manner.


Take it or not, but a pair well-maintained and great eyebrows often make all the difference to your look. So, investing in a pair of tweezers to instantaneously remove tweak the wayward hair strands is a must. Now even if you do not do your eyebrows on your own, you would find yourself in need of tweezers time and again – not only for plucking hair but also for applying lashes and even for removing the splinters.

Eyelash Curlers

You may often discard the act of curling your eyelashes every morning as a time-consuming task, but even you know it that it’s worth the while! Make sure you have an eyelash curler with you to swiftly curl your eyelashes and make them look longer and better.

Wet Brush

Hairbrush might seem to you lie too obvious to make to this least but should never, ever underestimate the importance of a good ‘wet’ brush to your beauty regime. Well, Personality Ikon, being the top beauty salon in Kanpur, is aware of your struggle with detangling and styling wet hair. The ultimate tool for the hair, the strategically designed brush seamlessly detangles wet as well as dry hair without causing any stretching of breakages.

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