Sleep for Skin: How Abundant Sleep Improves Your Skin Health


Sleep for Skin: How Abundant Sleep Improves Your Skin Health

A healthy skin is the collective outcome of a number of contributing factors. While factors like personal hygiene, moisturizing, exposure etc. matter, in fact, your genes have a great role to play in determining the quality of your skin, but one of the highly underrated things about skin health is the amount of sleep you have.

Yes. Though most people ignore sleep as a contributing factor towards their skin health, it affects a great deal in determining how good your skin looks. It is ignored, maybe because people are not able to establish a direct relationship between sleep and skin health. At Personality Ikon – best salon in Kanpur, we often gave customers who refuse to believe that every hour they miss out on their sleep, every single day, is actually deteriorating their skin health. They fail to understand the logic behind this.

Let’s understand the cause-and-effect of the phenomena technically: when you are sleep deprived, you do feel tired, lazy and stressed all the time – you would have to agree on that! That’s because when you have not had enough sleep as required by your body for regular functioning, your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone produces as a result of sleeplessness is what adversely affects your skin health.

To be more pointed, here is a bulleted list of what sleep deprivation does to your skin:
● It causes common and easy-to-catch skin problems like acne.
● It revokes and worsens the already existing skin problems.
● It affects the immune system and causes the related skin problems.
● Not enough sleep also accelerates aging.

Personality Ikon, being one of the top salons in Kanpur, wants all the beauty enthusiasts out there to understand and appreciate the importance of abundant sleep for maintaining a good, healthy skin. We advise you to have the recommended minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day, for your skin’s sake.

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