How to keep your hair healthy after getting your hair coloured

How to keep your hair healthy after getting your hair coloured

Hair plays noteworthy part in upgrading the beauty of women. Now a days a great deal of excellent hair hues is accessible and it is remarkably hard to disregard to colour your hair when it influences you to look more fabulous. In any case, getting your hair coloured can be harmful ,on the grounds that it is a great deal of chemicals present in those colouring products, which can be unsafe for your natural hair.

In that case you have to be more protective and caring towards your colour-treated hair. We are offering you some guidelines to care for your coloured hair.

  1. Try not to cleanse your hair soon after the hair-colour treatment. Wait at least for 24-48 hours or even better if more than that to wash off your colouring products.
  2. Try not to utilize cleanser as often as possible since washing your hair sooner can take away your natural hair oil on your scalp. Wash it 2 or 3 times each week because your hair-colour can retain for longer period.
  3. Abstain from washing your hair with hot water, because hot water can take out the dye from your hair faster than normal. Favour Luke warm or cool water.
  4. Keep in mind to always condition your hair after washing it. Conditioning helps in holding the products on your hair for longer period and keeps them smoother and shiner.
  5. Use only colour-protecting shampoo so that balance of your PH is maintained. It will help your hair to be healthier even after using the chemical based products.
  6. It is better if you use sulphate free shampoo for your coloured hair because sulphate can damage your colour.
  7. Abstain from utilizing blow dryers, hair curling accessories or fixing irons however as much as possible, let them dry naturally, in light of the fact that these heating products can influence your hair to harm.

By just following these simple hair care routine tips, you can prevent your colour-treated hair from damage. We believe hair is the ultimate possession to the beauty of women and we don’t want you to lose your natural possession.

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